4 Breastfeeding Tips To Help With Pride & Confidence

Breastfeeding in public has really caused quite a stir lately.  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see news reports or videos with mommies being called out due to some “innocent passerby” feeling uncomfortable.  Due to this, a lot of mommies have really become self-conscious about breastfeeding their baby in public-hiding in public restrooms, covering their baby to a point of making both baby and mommy uncomfortable, or just plain refusing to do it because they don’t want to offend someone.  Below are some tips for breastfeeding to help you feel more confident while breastfeeding.

1.  Start Out Sloooooow……

Breastfeeding, in general, can take a lot of getting used to.  Home is a great place to practice.  You will learn what positions work for both you and baby so if you do go out in public and need to nurse, the transition will be easier for both of you.  Breastfeeding at home will slowly get you used to your partner and other family members being around to help build up your confidence level.

2.  Start to Venture Out of the House

Leaving the house and making the transition to breastfeeding in public can make a lot of mommies nervous.  Start somewhere like a family restaurant with either a friend or family member with you.  See if you can sit in an area facing a wall and away from the door or cash register.  Booths can also offer more privacy than tables.

3.  Talk to Other Moms Who Have Learned to Breastfeed In Public

Finding a great breastfeeding support group is great for this.  A lot of hospitals offer support groups and there are also many groups that can be found on social media sites as well as private practice support groups.  It’s nice to be able to talk to other mommies that might be experiencing the same issues you are.

4.  When Out In Public, Look For Nursing Specific Areas.

Luckily, with breastfeeding becoming more of the norm, a lot of stores and public places are offering nursing specific areas.  Feel free to ask associates or employees if their facility offers an area such as this.  If not, ask where would be an appropriate place to breastfeed if you choose to not do it in open public.

And now, for a little more lighthearted fun, I present to you a very “serious” and “informative” video on 4 reasons women should NEVER breastfeed in public!


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Video: https://www.youtube.com/user/stickycook?&ab_channel=KristinaKuzmic



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