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Breastfeeding and Alcohol?

While it has been a long-held belief that a breastfeeding mother should, under no circumstances, consume alcohol while breastfeeding her infant as the alcohol might pass through the mothers milk into the baby, or at the very least, if she does drink she must “pump and dump,” I’m here to share the latest evidence-based research…

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8 Unusual Uses For Breastmilk

We all know that breastmilk is natures perfect food for our babies.  It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antibodies to fight off infections, etc.  But there are also other uses for breastmilk that you might not have known about.  I, personally, have already tried a few of these uses and can attest to them.  Some, however,…

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Breastfeeding as Birth Control?

Did you know that breastfeeding is an effective method of birth control?  Wait!  Before you get too excited, there are some pros and cons to consider before you make the decision to see if using breastfeeding as a form of contraceptive is a good choice for you. What is Breastfeeding as Birth Control? Using breastfeeding…

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